Amazing Facts About Matthew David Parker

Matthew David Parker is a renowned photographer of the New York City as well as the proud owner of the Lafayette Salsa Dance Studio. Matthew was born and raised in the New York City and has a huge affection with this city. He has taken the photographs of some of the most famous and beautiful buildings of the New York City. Doing photography of these tall skyscrapers is not as easy as it may seem, but Matthew has done it all with ease and simplicity. Matthew has made some great achievements in Photography and has showed the world the different images of surrounding buildings. Matthew is specialized in many types of photography when it comes to capturing large architectural buildings in just one shot. When asked he said that he has an interest in many kinds of photography such as Candid photography, Studio photography, Street photography, Nature photography, Black and White photography, Aerial photography and landscape photography.


Matthew is being an inspiration for all the young and aspiring photographers of the United States. The lifestyle of New York City and the building present there have been the inspiration to Matthew which has made him innovate his mind to that extent. He has always shown one of the tall buildings located in New York City in each one of the pictures captured by him. He has also shown the busy life style of New York in some of his pictures which have him earned the popularity that he deserves. He has also captured photographs of some of the parks located near those buildings. People have also loved the landscape photography of Matthew. He always seems fascinated with the people of the New York City towards how they manage to live their life in such a costly city. This is what which has made Matthew parker popular all around America.