After Losing FA Cup, Can Conte Pull Together For Future

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Can Conte"Chelsea gave up its chance to win a league and FA cup to Arsenal, which not only came as a shocker to everyone but also was a realization call for the Chelsea. There was no doubt about the fact that Chelsea has a startling performance during the tournament but that did not convert into winning the cup. Chelsea fans were all ears to Antonio Conte when he talked about extending the contract at Chelsea to bring out something important. Throughout the tournament, Chelsea was far superior to the competitors but Arsenal was brutal in the finals and reminded Chelsea of the damage that they are capable of doing. Nevertheless, livescore thinks that it was a harsh reminder to the Chelsea that how they need to work harder for winning.

Can Conte Do It?

No, it would be wrong to say that Chelsea lacked what it takes to win the game. In fact, they exhibited marvelous skill, discipline and patience throughout the game. While Conte pointed Alexis Sanchez’s divisive goal but a true football fan would accept it that the stage of Chelsea’s defeat was set much before that goal. It would not be wrong to say that Chelsea lost the ground in the first half, making every move half heartedly and losing it to the fierce Arsenal.

Conte however realized that, going forward they need to improve the quality of the squad which could be a warning bell for those who have not performed well and contributed in Chelsea’s low finish. One of the biggest strength that Chelsea has is Conte who is known to turnaround the team. His record speaks of him as Conte strengthened Juventus and leads the team to win not one but three titles back to back. Well, Chelsea needs to prove to its fans that they are not careless, an image that has been imprinted on the heart of millions of fans after Wembley.